Noah Pepper

work in progress

This website is a work in progress. If you want to see my programs (which is nicely designed), check them out here.

about me

Hello! I'm Noah. I'm a sophomore studying computer science at UC Berkeley.

Previously, I've interned at the California Academy of Sciences. This summer, you can find me in Ohio interning at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

I'm afraid there isn't much here yet. Check back! By the end of the summer, this should be a fully finished website :)


Here is a selection of my favorite projects, listed in reverse chronological order. You can find more of my work on my GitHub.


A minimalist startpage with a notepad and shortcuts, designed to replace the boring blank page that opens on a new tab. Check it out!

bear maps

For CS61B, I developed the backend to a mapping webapp built using open source maps from the OpenStreetMap project, with support for finding directions between two locations.


A clone of Asteroids, built in Java for my AP Computer Science course in high school.


Coming soon.