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# Name Description Links
1 Sample Assignment A Sample Assignment that goes through the workflow of git. View Source
2 Original Design A pattern of abstract growing squares and a smiley face cursor. View Source
3 Lightning Simple program to make lightning bolts. View Source
4 Dice A program to model rolling a large amount of dice. View Source
5 Chemotaxis A model of bacteria with a biased random walk. View Source
6 Snowflake Catcher Catch the snowflakes! View Source
7 Starfield Experiment with different explosions in the starfield. View Source
8 Old MacDonald Model of a farm to learn about inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. View Source
9 Asteroids A remake of the classic arcade space shooter Asteroids. View Source
10 Google Billboard Loops through digits of e and returns those that answer the Google Billboard question. View Source
11 Pig Latin Translates text into Pig Latin. View Source
12 Palindrome Checker Returns if some given text is a palindrome. View Source
13 Sierpinski Triangle An interactive Sierpinski Triangle. View Source
14 Original Fractal An animated fractal of circles, made using recursion. View Source
15 Fractal Tree A customizable fractal tree. View Source
16 Minesweeper A remake of the classic Windows game Minesweeper. View Source
17 Binary Search Simple program to demonstrate linear and binary search. View Source